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Bedroom Aids

Welcome to our website’s bedroom section, where we prioritize your comfort and well-being. Explore our selection of hospital beds, available individually or as part of convenient hospital bed packages. Additionally, we offer bed rental services for added flexibility. Complete your bedroom setup with our comfortable mattresses. Plus, enjoy the added value of free delivery for orders over £50, making it even more convenient to create a restful and welcoming space for your well-deserved relaxation.

Don’t forget to apply for VAT exemption in the checkout page, making essential mobility equipment more accessible for those who qualify. Explore our range now and discover the ideal bed or mattress to match your unique lifestyle.

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Our Bedroom Aids

We have a huge range of bed aids, so anyone can find the help they need with us.

We carry impressive ranges of:

  • Airflow Mattress For Hospital Beds
    • Airflow mattresses, dynamic mattresses, and alternating mattresses work to relieve pressure by inflating and deflating cells consecutively over a set period of time. 
  • Bariatric Beds
    • Bariatric beds are heavy-duty beds that are wider than standard hospital beds, with higher weight capacities than a standard hospital bed. They can accommodate larger individuals safely and comfortably in hospitals, clinics and at home. 
  • Bedding
    • Our range of bedding includes many different fabrics and designs, so that no matter your needs, you can find a set which matches your interiors.
  • Bedroom Accessories
    • Here you will find our range of accessories, such as leg raisers, many hand rails, backrests, hand supports, and more. All of the smaller, add-on items you may need to make your bed into a safe, comfortable haven can be found in this category.
  • Hospital Bed Packages
    • Here is our range of product bundles. Bed frames and mattresses are sold in packages so that you can create your hospital bed in one purchase. 
  • Hospital Beds
    • Hospital beds provide a versatile, safe, and comfortable solution for patients who have limited mobility due to a chronic condition or recent surgery. Electric options are frequently controllable by the patient, allowing for greater independence and relieving the strain on nurses. 
  • Cot Bumpers
    • Prevent bumps and falls with our cot bumpers. Protect yourself or your loved ones entirely, with bumpers for head and foot boards, and side bumpers.
  • Fall Prevention
    • The Wireless Fall Prevention products have the advantage of being completely cordless, which makes them extremely safe and gives you more flexibility in where you place them because they don’t need to be near a nurse call point. 
  • Fire Retardant Bedding
    • Fire and flame retardant bedding is built to keep the person in care completely safe. Scroll through our range to dress your bed with comfortable, safe materials.
  • Overbed Tables
    • Overbed tables are designed for people who have to be in bed for long periods of time due to illness, surgery or a disability. They make it easier to eat meals, read or work from. 
  • Pressure Relief Mattress
    • Pressure relief mattresses fit on your bed frame to give a comfortable and pressure relieving surface for you to lay or sleep on. They are designed for anyone who needs to spend long periods of time in bed and are a simple way to prevent pressure discomfort that can turn into serious bedsores and ulcers. 

Things To Consider When Shopping For Bedroom Aids

With our bed aids, collection of duvet covers, and bedding sets, you can fill your bedroom with soothing colours and cosy textures. 

Overbed tables, bed rails, cot sides, grab rails, backrests, chair tables, back supports, bed pads, bedpans, blanket cradles, and a variety of cushions and pillows are available to provide additional support and pressure relief.

Consider what you require from your bedroom, from hand rails to bedding to cot bumpers, and browse our range of these products to curate your ideal care.

Buying Bedroom Aids For Yourself

When buying for yourself, we have healthcare aids to adapt your bedroom furniture. Browse our profiling beds, furniture raisers, bed tables and other mobility aids that are adapted to suit various needs in the bedroom. 

For overnight needs, we have substantial items like bed rails, incontinence related supplies like bed pads and waterproof bed sheets, and cot bumpers. We also have commode pans, should they be needed by the person in care, whether they are elderly, handicapped, or disabled, or in recovery. 

Stay safe with our high-performance fire retardant plain dyed flat and fitted sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, and pillows compliant with BS7175 Ignition Source 7, which can be issued safely in locations where fire safety is a priority.

Caring For Someone Needing Bedroom Aids

If you are looking for bedroom aids for a loved one, or someone in your care, we have mobility aids for help into and out of bed.

This experience can be improved by using bed assists and hoists like raisers or risers to make an adjustable bed, as well as bed grab rails and transfer aids to help to transfer into and out of bed help.


  • Bed tables.
  • Bed rails.
  • Bed alarms.
  • Bed trapezes.  
  • Bed step stools.
  • Leg lifters.
  • Transfer poles.
  • Bed grab bars.

The standard bed height is 25 inches. Most people can comfortably sit on the edge of their bed with their feet flat on the floor at this height.

20 to 23 inches high-Make sure the bed is the appropriate height. Beds that are too high or too low can cause you to fall. The Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund recommend beds should be 20 to 23 inches high from the floor to the top of the mattress.

Bed rails are railings that go along the side of a bed and often connect to both the headboard and footboard, preventing a person lying in bed from rolling out easily.

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