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Tiacare Living Aids for living Life is synonymous with supplying quality aids for living. We will supply you with great products at great prices. All of our products are value for your money without compromising on standards.

Tiacare is all about making life easier for you as the customer, we are here to offer you support and advice, so that you can make an informed choice when choosing a product this is a choice that could mean the difference between quality of life or just an existence.

If you rely on aids for living you should be able to find that perfectly suited product to meet your needs. Tiacare aids for living have a wide variety of products large or small. If you are disabled or chronically sick, you may be eligible for tax relief.

Larger items such as beds you have the added peace of mind that we will deliver, install and commission. With these products we will also remove the packaging. We understand that if you are purchasing an aid for living you may need that little bit more assistance.

We are dedicated to more than simply providing medical products. Together we are committed to you, your family in achieving a common goal helping you lead a comfortable and productive life, every day.

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Our Suppliers

Tiacare is proud to only use quality suppliers. It is important that when you purchase from Tiacare you are purchasing a high quality tried and tested produce. We purchase from many supplies allowing us to offer you cost effective but top quality products.
As you can see above these are just three of our many suppliers