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Mobility Aids

Mobility aids can be a useful way to give you a service user or a loved one that extra bit of support while at home or when out and about getting on with other day-to-day tasks. 

Here at Tiacare, we have a wide range of products for mobility like our transit chairs, mobility scooters, handy trolleys, tri walkers, Rollators, walking sticks and collapsable canes. We aim to make everyday life comfortable for people living with limited mobility.

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Things To Consider When Buying Mobility Aids

We supply a large number of mobility aids available to help with getting around – whether you're at home or outside. From help getting in and out of the house to effective equipment which can help you in climbing your stairs, these can all assist you in making daily chores and activities simple and enjoyable.

The choice of mobility equipment available for those in need varies depending on the range of motion. For example, if your mobility is mildly affected by conditions such as osteoarthritis, then simple mobility walking aids, such as a walking stick, might be enough to help you walk independently. 

Buying Mobility Aids For Yourself 

Staying physically active can help improve your state of mind. You can independently meet with friends, family or do simple outdoor activities in your garden. You can even take a trip to the park providing the opportunity to meet new people. That’s why it’s so important to us to give you that freedom by providing you with products that will make a difference whether that may be a mobility scooter or a walking stick.

Caring For Someone Needing mobility aids

Our disability aids can make a huge difference to someone's life who is living with a disability, by providing them with the opportunity to remain independent both in and out of the house. So we realise how much of an impact they can make, leaving a big impact on both your physical abilities and your mental health. 

We accept purchase orders from healthcare systems like the NHS, schools, charities & councils.


  • Bariatric & Obesity Mobility Aids.
  • Mobility Scooters.
  • Moving, Transferring & Handling Aids.
  • Walking Aids.
  • Wheelchair and Scooter Ramps, Steps.
  • Wheelchair Cushions & Accessories.
  • Wheelchairs.

If you have injuries or impairments that cause you to be unbalanced or you have limited lower body strength you may need mobility aids. 

You can normally gauge this if you've experienced two or more falls within a short period for example 2 or 3 months or you may have had a fall that caused serious injury.

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