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Mobile Hoist

Welcome to our Mobility Equipment Online Shop, your trusted destination for a comprehensive range of Patient Hoists. We recognize the paramount importance of dependable hoisting solutions for individuals with mobility challenges, and we’re here to meet your needs. In our unwavering commitment to your well-being, we offer a holistic approach to service – not only do we provide top-quality Mobile hoists, but we also offer free delivery and professional installation. This ensures that your mobility solution is not only accessible but also optimally set up to enhance safety and comfort.


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About Our Patient Hoists

Hoists for the elderly, disabled, or less mobile are a great piece of equipment to have in your home. Help those you care for to get out of bed, lower into a bath, and even help to carefully lift someone should they have a fall. 

Our care hoists are very inclusive, as they have a wide range of weight capacities. From up to 150kg to over 300kg, your patient can be safely lifted with our impressive range. 

Patient hoists are an amazing option for both carer and patient. They decrease the risk of injury for everyone involved, as there will be very little strain due to the hoist doing all of the heavy lifting. 

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Hoists and Slings

Once you have picked your preferred hoist, browse our selection of slings.

Your hoist is the frame, but the sling acts as the seat. There are slings of all different shapes and sizes, low slings, high slings, toileting slings, and more! Depending on what you need your hoist for, you can find a sling with the perfect design for you and your needs. 

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Patient Hoist Delivery Options 

We offer curbside delivery for our care hoists, but also an installation and commissioning service.

For £156, or £130 with tax exemption where applicable, we will send one of our professional team members to install and commission your hoist. This way, you will know that your hoist is safe and ready to use.

Patient Hoist FAQs

Patient hoists can be used to help your patient move in many different contexts. Most commonly, they are used to help people out of bed, lower them into chairs or into a bath, and can even be used to lift a patient after a fall.

Hoist equipment are categorised as high risk medical devices.

Lifting equipment includes any assessed equipment, accessories, and attachments that are used to lift patients.

When choosing a hoist you should consider a few factors:
  • Weight capacity
  • Lift, reach, and headroom
  • Lifting speed
  • Size
  • Available power supply

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