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Welcome to our Mobility Equipment Online Shop, your trusted destination for a comprehensive range of wheelchairs tailored to meet diverse mobility needs. Our inventory includes Attendant Wheelchairs, Self-Propel Wheelchairs, and Power Chairs, ensuring a perfect fit for every requirement. Quality, comfort, and durability are at the forefront of our selections, promising you enhanced independence and an improved quality of life. Plus, we offer free delivery for orders over £50, adding extra value to your shopping experience.

Don’t forget to apply for VAT exemption in the checkout page, making essential mobility equipment more accessible for those who qualify. Explore our range now and discover the ideal wheelchair to match your unique lifestyle.

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Things To Consider When Shopping For Wheelchairs

If it's folding wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, Transit wheelchairs, or a self-propelled wheelchair we have a huge range of wheelchairs tailored to suit your individual needs. 

Buying A Wheelchair For Yourself

Style and size – The option between self-propelled and controlled will be dependent on the user's mobility. Always consider the different seat sizes and styles offered for our wheelchairs so you can fit comfortably in the chair along with the colours.

Different Types Of Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are a great option for those looking to stay active and social without paying for additional features. 

Wheelchairs are one of the best for mobility aid as they can be compactly stored or transported in the boot of a car making them one of the easiest to move around. Bariatric wheelchairs are available for larger, heavier users, while smaller, paediatric wheelchairs have been designed for children.

Self-Propelled Wheelchairs

These are operated by the user. They have large rear wheels with fitted hand rims to help propel yourself forwards or backwards without any additional help.

You might consider a self-propelled wheelchair if you have good upper-body strength and power. Perhaps you can walk with the help of a walking stick or walking frame, but fatigue over longer distances and a manual wheelchair would benefit you. All of our wheelchairs have push handles for when extra help is needed, for example with curbs. They have all-terrain tyres and will be more suitable for everyday use outdoors available with leg rests, grab rails and armrests.

The rear wheels on a self-propelled wheelchair can be removed, as well as the footplates and with half-folding backrests and seats also helping with transportation making it a lot easier like our drive ultra-lightweight self-propelled wheelchair is made of aluminium frame which means the lightweight aluminium helps the user with mobility that little bit more.

Transit chair/ Travel Wheelchairs/Transport wheelchair/Attendance wheelchair

With smaller wheels and slightly lighter frames, attendance wheelchairs are best for transporting users. They are designed with ergonomic handles for the attendant or carer to propel the wheelchair, supplied with cable brakes to provide extra additional control and footrests for the user’s comfort.

A transit or travel wheelchair will be more suitable if the user doesn't have suitable strength to push the self-propelled wheelchair.

We also sell wheelchair accessories, such as rain protection, wheelchair ramps and cushions for wheelchairs. 

We also provide mobility scooter insurance.


A wheelchair provides mobility, ensures a better quality of life, and assists people with disabilities to live full lives within their community.

Our wheelchairs include mobility and attendance chairs that help users who have limited or no lower limb mobility to move around at home or for everyday use when outside. They can accommodate a range of people and whether they are an independent wheelchair user or have the help of an attendant.

We need to consider the user’s body proportions, their height and mass, whether there is any  amputation and their mobility in their upper body. Then we need to check whether their weight is safe for the wheelchair being used.

Most of our wheelchairs have an average seat width of about 18in-22in and a wheel-base of 23in-26in, this means that all those sizes can fit through standard doorways that are 30-32 in.

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