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Bathroom Aids

Welcome to our Mobility Equipment Online Shop’s bathroom section, where we prioritize your comfort and well-being. Discover an array of essential products, including bath hoists, bath lifts, bath and shower benches, shower chairs, and shower stools. Our range is thoughtfully curated to make your daily bathing routine safer and more comfortable. Explore our collection and transform your bathroom into a welcoming, accessible haven, ensuring a worry-free and enjoyable experience every day.

Don’t forget to apply for VAT exemption in the checkout page, making essential mobility equipment more accessible for those who qualify. Explore our  Bathroom range now and discover the ideal aid to match your unique lifestyle.

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Our Bathroom Aids

We have a huge range of bathroom aids, so anyone can find the help they need with us.

We carry impressive ranges of:

  • Anti Slip Mats
    • Our Anti Slip Mats have been carefully selected for their long-term durability and excellent day-to-day performance. Bath mats and shower mats are an essential aid in the bathroom and washing areas because they can provide a much safer anti-slip surface, increasing safety and confidence in these vulnerable areas of the home. 
  • Bath & Shower Benches
    • Our Bath & Shower Benches are specially designed to fit inside or over your bathtub, eliminating the need to lower yourself into the bath to avoid unnecessary discomfort or stress when bathing. 
    • Bath boards can be placed over the bath to provide a platform to sit on when entering and exiting the bath. They are simple to set up and easy to maintain for added support. 
  • Bath Hoists
    • We offer both electric and manual bath hoists that are simple to clean and designed to accommodate the majority of patients. There is also the option of a transporter chair which includes a convenient style seat on a wheeled base to enable easier transfers to the bath or pool side.
  • Bath Lifts
    • Bath lifts are specifically designed for people who have difficulty getting in and out of the bath safely. They enable you to enjoy the relaxing and healing benefits of soaking in a hot tub without the need for costly renovations or installations. 
  • Commodes
    • We have a huge range of commodes that are built for anybody to use. From bariatric commodes to portable commodes, if you are in need of this piece of kit, we have one that is perfect for you or your patient’s needs.
  • Grab Rails
    • Simple, yet effective. Grab rails are the easiest, yet most essential addition to any bathroom. Helping you to move around the room with confidence and ease while also being there as a support should you slip, grab rails are a great solution to many washroom worries.
  • Shower Chairs
    • Shower with ease when using a shower chair. By using one, you are eliminating the chances of a fall, while remaining in full comfort while you wash. 
  • Shower Stools & Seats
    • Similar to a shower seat, only more compact, and often wall-mounted, a shower stool is the answer to your balance-based worries. 
  • Toilet Frames
    • Toilet frames are a great way to add an extra element of safety to your bathroom. You will be able to sit and stand with ease by using the handles, not to mention how easy they are to move and clean!
  • Toilet Seat Raisers
    • Reduce the distance between yourself and your toilet seat by adding a toilet seat raiser to your bathroom aid collection. Lower yourself and rise back up again with ease, and easily clean.
  • Towels
    • Add some luxury towels to your bathroom to finish off the look. 


Things To Consider When Shopping For Bathroom Aids

Choosing the right bathing aids like our wall mounted shower seats, slipmats, or bath mats will not only reduce your chances of falling or slipping, but will also allow you to regain your independence and self-confidence! 

We also provide additional bathing accessories that can be used to customise bathing aids to meet any elderly persons specific needs, for example transfer aids, commodes, bath lifts, wheeled walkers & rollators, ramps, toilet frames and toilet seats.

Buying Personal Care Products For Yourself

If you are unsure whether to choose an Adjustable Corner Shower Stool, a Bariatric Commode Shower Chair, or a Standard Padded Shower Seat or are feeling overwhelmed by our wide range of bathroom aids, contact us on 01925386385 and our customer service team will answer any questions you may have.

Caring For Someone Needing Personal Care Products

Our Bathroom aids selection are perfect for care homes or the NHS making sure your service users still maintain any independence they may want. 

All of our products are durable and easy to use, making them great daily living aids that are high quality and versatile. Each product has been specifically designed to assist users with daily hygiene tasks, transforming bathrooms into safe, easily accessible, and enjoyable spaces.


Bath and Shower aids can help people to remain independent in the bathroom. If washing is becoming difficult, you might find it helpful to introduce some of the bathing aids available. The bath stepping platform adds safety and stability when getting in and out of the bathtub. Great for one-handed cleaning.

Equipment to assist with bathing and toileting includes both 'stand-alone equipment such as shower chairs and over-toilet aids as well as design fixtures like Grab Rails and other fittings that may be put into or added to the design features of a bathroom or toilet area.

Showering is another common problem for people in a cast or on crutches. If there's space, place a small chair in your shower for you to sit on so you don't risk slipping and falling. It's also a good idea to place a non-slip mat on the floor (in and out of the shower) so you don't slip.

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