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Glide & Slide Sheets

Glide and slide sheets are classed as moving and handling aids. They’re designed to make make the user and the careers life a lot easier when transferring the patient. You can use glide and slide sheets to move a person higher up in bed, to turn them over, or transfer them sideways.

Here at Tiacare, we have a variety of designs and styles, our range has something to suit most needs whether for use around the home or in a care home environment.

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Because our sheets are made of very low friction material, which when placed on top of one another become very slippery, this then enables an independent or assisted sliding movement in one or more directions across a level surface.  

We provide a few different types of sheets from washable to disposable to suit different care sectors and we also have available tubular designs as well as flat sheets.

Transferring A Patient Using Glide & Slide Sheets

Where – Consider what positions you are going to be transferring to and from as some of our aids will transfer from different areas, either sitting or lying down, so it is important to check which are suitable for different transfers.

Who – what will the career or family member be comfortable using to manoeuvre you and some may be more useful that other so make sure to read each description to find who one will suit their and your needs best


They are designed to move a person higher up in bed, to turn them over, or transfer them sideways - which can be a difficult task without support.

A single carer can safely reposition an individual with very little risk of injury to the person or themselves as they are designed to easily move patients.

The sheets are used to reduce the friction whilst moving a patient on a surface this can also reduce the manual handling risk of the staff undertaking these manoeuvres.

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