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Seating Aids

From recliners, backrests, chair raisers to footrests, our variety of adjustable seating aids for the disabled, the elderly and the healthcare system i.e the NHS are designed to be supportive, comfortable and fit in with your style. Always enabling you to relax in your living room, dining room or bedroom without unnecessary discomfort.

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Things To Consider When Shopping For Seating Aids

If you are spending a lot of time in a chair, it is important that you select the right chair for you meaning that you can stay both comfortable and independent.

When selecting the type of chair you should consider all of the activities that will be carried out in it. This might include: watching television, playing games, socialising, eating, drinking and transferring from the chair to a wheelchair or standing position. All of these factors will pull together to help you decide which chair is right for the user.

Buying Seating Aids for Yourself

If you find it difficult to sit comfortably when at home, or if getting up and standing out of the chair is difficult, there are seating aids available that may help. Our range of chairs for the disabled and elderly is vast, from the chairs themselves, chair tables, foot and leg raiser, Riser aids,  Recliner aids and bariatric high back chairs, wheelchair/mobility scooter cushions, incontinence chair pads and lifting seats. 

Chairs– Our Tiacare selection includes a variety of different chairs with special features to aid, such as high backs for support and posture, reclining functions for resting, and rising functions that enable the chair to lift you back up onto your feet. Sometimes, settees and standard living room chairs can be difficult to sit down onto if you have mobility issues or problems with your health for example arthritis, fibromyalgia, dementia, Parkinson's, gout and multiple sclerosis.

Leg rests and footrests– To aid with circulation and will lift up your lower limbs these are ideal if you are unable to bend your leg in a normal sat down position. They also help improve blood flow, reduce pressure and lower back and can help decrease swelling.


As a guide, we suggest measuring the widest part of the bottom/hips then adding around 5cm (2in) on each side to calculate the right internal seat width. Remember to check the maximum user weight – this states the highest amount of weight that the chair can safely accommodate. It’s also important to check that the chair will fit into the room it is to be used in.

Users who spend a lot of time sitting down in chairs may be at increased risk of developing pressure ulcers –, which may occur due to having poor posture or sitting in the same position for a long period of time. It is important to consider using pressure relief cushions if this is not an included feature of the chair being purchased to avoid these risks.

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