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Overbed Tables

Overbed tables are part of our bedroom aids range. They are designed for people who have to be in bed for long periods of time due to illness, surgery, or a disability. They make it easier to eat meals, read, or work while reclining in your bed. They are made from high quality, lightweight, durable materials and are made to be sturdy so that they can be used with confidence. Overbed tables are a great product for almost any room, and we are sure even those without care needs. Super useful, allowing for increased comfort and independence, and high quality, overbed tables are a great solution for those who need to be in bed for a long time. Explore our range of designs below, which include overbed tables with wheels, adjustable table tops, and models that clamp onto your bed.

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About Our Overbed Tables

We have designed our over bed tables and over chair tables with a non-absorbent surface. This will make them easy to clean and make them perfect for a busy hospital environment or care home. They can even be used in a home setting, where patients could also be recovering for surgery and may want a steady and accessible place to enjoy a book, drink, or meal. Some of our overbed tables even allow you to adjust the height and tilt the table to suit the user's needs. 

Unlike standard coffee tables, this type of table rests over your chair or bed, so you don’t need to bend down and strain. Our tables help you to avoid uncomfortable transfers if you need to stay in bed after an operation or injury. 

Different Types Of Over Bed Tables 

There are a few things you need to consider when shopping for an overbed table 

Where –  If you think you are going to be using the table in more than one area of your home, a mobile bed table with wheels will be perfect for you. This means it will be easier to transport and adjust around your house. 

Design – curved over chair tables and over bed tables are shaped to fit closer to your body. These are best suited for those needing a table for either wheelchair users or to use over armchairs so they can fit closer to you.

Style – Think about the colour and style you want for the overbed table that will be best suited to you. We supply both plastic and pine effect tables so look through the range and not only think about use but what will fit best in your bedroom or house.

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