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Bath & Shower Benches

Our Bath & Shower Benches are part of our bathroom aids section and are specially designed to fit inside or over your bathtub, eliminating the need to lower yourself into the bath to avoid unnecessary discomfort or stress when bathing. 

The bath boards can be placed over the bath to provide a platform to sit on when entering and exiting the bath, they are simple to set up and easy to maintain for added support. 

Benches can be placed in or over the bath, and some have adjustable width or height options. They are also useful for those who have showers over their baths and want to avoid standing up while showering.

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Highly mobile and height adjustable, our shower and bath benches are all designed to help ease the experience of bathing and showering and give a helping hand to carers and give peace of mind to users. 

When it comes to having a shower, balance is important to make sure that you don’t slip and fall. When you are bathing and cleaning yourself, you need to be able to turn around and keep yourself steady. If you have difficulties with balance and mobility, this can be challenging. In order to help you with that, Shower benches and bath benches allow you to sit comfortably without the risk of slipping over and causing yourself injury.

How To Decide Which Bath Bench is Best For You 

Once you’ve determined that a shower chair is the best option, there are a variety of factors to consider to ensure that you find the right one.

Size – The seat’s overall dimensions are essential to bear in mind. To ensure that you find a shower seat with the right dimensions, measure the width of your bath floor or the width and depth of your shower floor. You will want to choose a shower chair with dimensions smaller than these measurements to easily and safely fit inside. 

Seat size – You'll need to make sure the dimensions of the bath/shower seat are correct for you and you won’t be slipping off when bathing.

Weight capacity– Make sure the seat can support your weight safely if not consider buying a bariatric seat.

Back or BacklessGenerally, a shower chair with a back is recommended, especially if you have balance or back strength issues. However it can be difficult to transfer in and out of your shower if your bathroom has multiple users.


Shower benches and Bath benches are especially useful for those that are in wheelchairs, the elderly, or anyone who finds excessive movement difficult. This is to avoid falling and causing yourself pain.

The seat should be at a height that allows you to sit comfortably without straining your joints or “plopping” down- Always make sure your chair is on a level surface to avoid it tipping over!

A standard shower chair can accommodate users up to 400 pounds

All of our shower seats have rubberized feet attached at the bottom of each leg and are anti-slip when wet.

Shower chairs can be used in nursing homes, hospitals, and regular bathrooms. They provide extra support for people while in the shower, making it easier to bathe.

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