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Airflow Mattress For Hospital Beds

Airflow mattresses, dynamic mattresses, and alternating mattresses work to relieve pressure by inflating and deflating cells consecutively over a set period of time. We have designed them to improve care quality and safety when used in conjunction with clinical judgement. Our extensive section of Airflow Mattress Systems is intended for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in patients who are at medium to very high risk please explore our range below.

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Things To Consider When Shopping For Airflow Mattresses

The Air Flow range features Overlay Mattresses and Replacement Mattresses. Both model types have a Pump Unit (Manual/Digital) included. When selecting a mattress size, consider the dimensions and description of the mattress or overlay to ensure that it is appropriate for your own bed. Before selecting a pressure mattress or overlay, you must consider your own pressure risk. Some of our products are intended for a single risk level.

placement– You can't place our air mattress on a standard bed frame. Standard bed frames will feature slats and these are not meant to hold air mattresses, so placing an air mattress on slats will result in the mattress sliding over constantly. Instead, you can place an air mattress on a plywood top, a mattress topper, or a box spring.

Price- Our Alerta mattresses are great value for money, as the system comes with 5″ air cells for effective prevention and treatment of patients up to high risk of developing a pressure ulcer at home or in a nursing or care home environment.

Caring For Someone Needing Airflow Mattresses

An airflow mattress is one of the best ways to provide memory foam heat retention by redesigning the foam itself in a way that it’s designed to keep its integrity but provides you with a cool night's sleep. In this way, air can flow unobstructed throughout the memory foam mattress.

Additionally, some of our mattresses are also suitable for those who have existing tissue damage. These mattresses have unique designs to help them mould to the shape of the person you're caring for, helping to spread weight and stopping all the pressure from falling on certain points of the body. They can be used as static or dynamic mattresses depending on your needs. 


An airflow mattress is one of a few different ways to address heat retention by redesigning the foam in a way that maintains its integrity but provides you with a cool perfect night's sleep with pressure relief. 

Can You Put a Sheet on airflow Mattress? Fitted sheets should not be used our mattresses because they compress the air cells and restrict airflow.

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