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Domus Auto Bariatric Air Mattress – 120cm wide – 55 Stone

SKU 9C077093 Category

Domus Auto Bariatric Air Mattress – 120cm wide – 55 Stone

SKU 9C077093 Category

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Domus Auto Bariatric Air Mattress – 120cm wide – 55 Stone

The Domus Auto Bariatric Air Mattress 120cm wide is a specialised alternating pressure redistribution system designed for extra-wide 120cm beds, catering to bariatric users at high risk of pressure injury. With automated calibration adjusting pressure based on the patient’s weight, it ensures optimal support. The Domus Auto Bariatric Air Mattress features a heel relief function, CPR twist knob for quick deflation, and an 8″ cell-on-cell design preventing bottoming out. The Domus Auto Bariatric Air Mattress offers visual and audible alarms, pressure tuning options, and enhanced infection control with a removable cover. Quick mattress-to-pump connection and various modes, including Max Firm and Alternating, make it a comprehensive solution for bariatric care.

  • Available VAT Exemption: Please fill out a form in checkout.
  • Automated Calibration: Adjusts pressure automatically based on the patient’s weight, ensuring optimal support.
  • Heel Relief Function: Individually detachable air cells at the base provide optimal heel protection for enhanced comfort
  • CPR Twist Knob: Allows for quick deflation and ensures maximum security during emergency situations.
  • 8″ Cell-on-Cell Design: Prevents bottoming out in case of power failure, enhancing patient safety.
  • Pressure Tuning Options: Provides flexibility to meet individual patient comfort preferences for a personalized experience.
  • Visual and Audible Alarms: Alerts for Low Pressure, Power Failure, and Tech Support, ensuring timely intervention.
  • 4-Way Stretch Cover: Low friction and shear cover with high moisture-vapor transmission rate for improved microclimate management.
  • Cross-Infection Control: Removable cover with all-around zipper and welded seams facilitates easy cleaning and prevents fluid ingress.
  • Quick Mattress-to-Pump Connector: Allows for easy installation and seals the mattress for patient transportation up to 8 hours.
  • Multiple Modes: Offers 5 modes including Max Firm, Alternating, Continuous Low Pressure (CLP), Seat Inflation with Alternating, and Seat Inflation with CLP for versatile patient care.
  • Maximum User weight 350kg/55 stone

For any general enquiries on this product, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service team on 01925  386385 who will be able to address any questions you have. For more information about Tiacare delivery please click here.


  • Pump Dimensions:  29 x 18.5 x 12.6cm
  • Pump Weight:  2.2kg
  • Operating Cycle:  10 mins
  • Mattress Dimensions:  200 x 120 x 20.3cm
  • Cell Height:  20 x 8″ cells
  • Max patient weight:  350kg (55 stone)
  • Flame Retardant Standards:  EN 597-1, EN 597-2, BS 7175 Crib 5

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