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University Bath Hoist Transporter




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University Bath Hoist Transporter

University Bath Hoist Transporter includes a convenient style seat on a wheeled base to enable easier transfers to the bath or pool side. The transporter chair can be un-clipped from the base once it is ready for transfer and attached to the column of the hoist. Once the transporter seat is secured to the column of the hoist the user can sit comfortably in and out of the bath as needed.

The hoist is a fixed floor hoist for the safe, controlled and trouble-free transfer from and to the bath. It has The hoist is available in both electrical and hydraulic models. The commode seat moves through 360 degrees so that the user can be located to the seat in many positions. It has a locking position every 90 degrees to ensure a safe and secure transfer. The arm is equipped with a fail safe locking device which ensures user safety when transferring. The Hydraulic hoist has an easy to use winding handle which enables the carer to lower or lift the users in and out of the bath in a controlled manner

The Hoist can be fitted in two positions relative to the bath. The most popular is where the hoist is fitted at the side of the bath and the end fit where the mast is fitted on the centre line of the bath at one end usually the end furthest from the taps.

The ease of use of the bath hoist reduces the risk of accidents happening during transfers, provides added security for the carer and offers the user the chance to bathe independently.

Bath Hoist

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  • Adjustable Foot rest
  • Safety arms
  • Lap Belt
  • Commode seat


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