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Stockerston Blanket Cradle

£24.00 Exc. Vat - £28.80 inc. Vat


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The Stockerston Blanket Cradle is a metal frame that fits between mattress and the bed base. The frame provides ventilation and prevents blankets or duvets from resting on legs or feet to avoid pain/pressure. The lightweight tubular plastic coated steel frame is sturdy enough to support weight of bedding. The cradle can be fitted at either side of bed, or along the bottom of the bed to provide maximum benefit for the user. Designed for minimum maintenance.



  • Designed to assist users to get in and out of bed, turn and move from lying to sitting
  • Metal frame that fits between mattress and bed base to support weight of bed clothes, keeping them clear of user to ease turning in bed or to avoid pain/pressure
  • Tubular steel frame is coated with Duradip® tough, peel-resistant plastic to provide longevity and is sturdy enough to support weight of bedding



 Overall Width  41cm (16″)
 Overall Height  46cm (18″)
 Product Weight 1.8kg (4 lb)


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