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Nimble - The one Finger Cutting Tool

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Nimble One Finger Cutting Tool

The Nimble one finger cutting tool is an innovative safety cutter designed to be worn as a thimble on your fingertip. Safer than craft knives and easier to use than scissors particularly if you have minimal dexterity, the Zirconia ceramic blade will effectively cope with a multitude of cutting tasks opening plastic and paper packaging instantly, easily and safely with just one swipe of your finger.  The blade size and design ensures that accidental injury is almost impossible.

  • Thimble shaped cutting tool
  • To be used on paper, plastic or cardboard only
  • Ideal for opening parcels, mailer bags, envelopes and plastic wrapping.
  • Ceramic blade lasts longer than steel
  • Brightly coloured to make it easier to find
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Ambidextrous
  • Size: H31 x L39 x W23mm (1.22” x 1.54” x 0.9”)
  • Weight: 6g (0.2oz)

Place the item you want to cut on a cutting surface, place the Nimble on your finger and slide across the surface of the item that needs to be opened or cut. A unique sleeve design means the Nimble can easily adapt to suit most finger sizes.

For any general enquiries on this product, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service team on 01925  386385 who will be able to address any questions you have.

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