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Mackworth Yew Universal Easyfit Sling




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Mackworth Yew Universal Easyfit Sling

Mackworth Yew Universal Easyfit Sling that is shaped to provide separate leg supports, allowing a much easier application. This product promotes goof hip positioning while providing total support for the body throughout the lifting process. The Easy Fit is suited for patients with amputees. Our fabrics, cuts and sizes are developed to suit the majority of patient population. Yew can be easily applied from both the lying and sitting positions and can be made with a variety of webbing heights or even our new patented Dosec clip technology.   

The Slings Features

  • Easy to use from both the lying and sitting positions.
  •  Suitable for certain patients with amputees.
  •  Built with the finest materials
  •  Made with the finest quality material
  • Pocket design for tidy loops and Dosec clip housing               


  • Polyester Mesh – A Breathable & durable polyester mesh, used mainly for bathing & pool use
  • Polyester Solid – A Smooth knitted polyester fabric of a solid consistency for multidisciplinary use.


  • 1 Year


Head Support


Sling Size

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Size Weight
 Small (Red)  200kg / 32 Stone
 Medium (Yellow)  200kg / 32 Stone
 Large (Green)  200kg / 32 Stone
 Extra Large (Blue) 200kg / 32 Stone
Warranty 1 Year

Mackworth Yew Universal Easyfit Sling


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