Low Care Bed Package 7

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Low Care Bed Package 7


Low Care Bed Package 7 – Alerta Encore Low Single Bed

Package Features

  • Standard Single Bed
  • Medium to High Risk Air Mattress
  • Cot Mesh Bumpers

Part of the Low Care Bed Package 7 is The Alerta Encore  Low Single bed has been designed for patients who are at risk of falling out of bed. The low height of the bed minimises the risk of injury if a patient does fall out of bed and the low positioning from the floor makes getting into and out of bed easier and safer. It features electrically operated backrest, leg-rest and knee-break. The integrated side rails drop lower than the mattress enabling safe patient transfer.

The 4 section mattress support is fitted with individual motors allowing for excellent adjustment of the head and foot. This will provide a range of options for positioning that will substantially reduce the risk of pressure sore development

Bed Features

  • 10 function lockable handset
  • Ideal for nursing homes and home care
  • Includes a low height and electrical adjustment for patient safety
  • Tool free assembly and dismantling kit
Height Adjustable Bed 

The bed can be adjusted in height by pressing a button on the handset to ensure a safe working height for carers and an ideal height for patient transfers and other procedures

The bed is built to be as easy as possible to assemble and disassemble, and both can be achieved without the use of tools.


Maximum Safe Working Load 200kg
 Height Adjustment range 20 – 80cm
 Outer Dimensions  105.4 x 212.5cm
Bed Frame Warranty 3 Years
 Motors & Electronics 2 Years

Low Care Bed Package 7 – Simple Air Dynamic Mattress

This Simple Air Dynamic Mattress full provides pressure relief for those at high risk of established pressure ulcers or for those who have existing pressure ulcers. The full replacement system has a control unit that features an optional static or alternating mode. The alternating mode offers 4 separate alternating cycle times  10, 15, 20, or 25 minutes for additional patient comfort. Supplied with a waterproof, multi-stretch, vapour-permeable PU cover as standard and an easy access simple to use CPR function to assist in any emergency procedure

Mattress Features


  • Entire mattress cell system (excluding foam) can be removed and laundered
  • Water resistant, multi stretch, vapour permeable PU cover
  • High frequency welded seams and integral covered hoses
  • Simple transport mode
  • Adjustable cycle times 10, 15, 20 mins
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • 360 zip
  • Digital Pump
  • Cable management
  • Static head section
  • Pull CPR
  • 1 in 2 cell construction
  • Maximum user weight 200kg
  • Length 200cm
  • Width 88cm
  • Overall Height 22cm
Supplied by Drive Devilbiss – Tiacarae Aids for Living Life – Bedroom Aids

Low Care Bed Package 7 – Cot Side Mesh Bumpers

Cot Side Mesh bumpers are designed for use on profiling beds with rails that drop down. Filled with extra thick foam, with a simple wipe clean, fluid proof material and meshed middle area providing excellent protection for patients. These cot bumpers assist in ensuring safety by having padding on either side of the bed, reducing the risk of injury or entrapment of the user. 

All of the cot bumpers are supplied in pairs

Size 2000 mm x 360 mm

Bumpers Features

  • One Pair of Bed Cot Side Bumpers
  • Extra Foam Filled for maximum safety
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Easy Zip fastened fit
  • Wipe Clean
  • Colour Beige
  • Fits Bed rails up to 2000 mm long

Supplied by Drive – Tiacare Aids For Living Life – Bedroom Aids