Invacare Stand Assist Sling

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Invacare Stand Assist Sling

Invacare Stand Assist Sling

Invacare Stand Assist Sling is for the use of Reliant 350 Stand Aid. Although it can be used on a range of stand aid the sling provides the user with exceptional comfort & safe transfer. The well padded sling are only to be use with users that have weight baring ability, but cannot stand independently. 

For many types of physical disability, the slings range of Invacare provide a safe and comfortable transfer solution. With the collaboration of occupational therapist, this selection of high quality slings has been developed to ensure optimum fit, customer support and easy application for the career. Some slings are available with the fabric style options in 4 sizes. A variety of adjustments allow the sling to meet each individuals specific needs.

To user the sling in the safest manner the user should be coherent, have good body and head control  & able to lift boom during transfers.


  • Suitable for use with a wide range of stand aids
  • Well padded for maximum comfort.
  • For users with some weight bearing ability.
  • Safe working load 159kgs
Designed for the Reliant 350 

If the patient has the mobility to grip the lift boom while transferring, then this is the ideal sling for them. The sling is built to be used easily and supportively with the Reliant 350 Stand Assist.

Comfortable Assisted Standing 

The Stand Assist Sling is built for those who have the ability to bear weight and are able to support their own body and head during transition. The patient should be able to grip the lifts boom while moving to ensure their safety and comfort while rising from the bed.

The sling is both supportive and well padded, built for use with the Reliant 350 Stand Assistant. The slings back is filled with non slip material to ensure both safety and comfort during the move.

Improved Awareness 

By not protecting the eyes, the sling allows the user to see what is happening around them. It avoids risk and helps improve health as the consumer becomes aware of their surroundings. Because of this feature, however to use this sling, the user must have good head control.


Polyester Solid – A Smooth knitted polyester fabric of a solid consistency for multidisciplinary use


Size Guide
Small  25-30 kg 
Medium  40-90 kg
Large  80-130 kg
Extra Large  120-250 kg

Supplied by Invacare – Tiacare Aids For Living Life – Mobility Aids


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