Invacare Easy Fit Sling

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Invacare Easy Fit Sling

Invacare Easy Fit Sling

Invacare Easy Fit Sling supports the whole body and head and is therefore ideal for clients with the most severe physical handicaps. The specially designed separate leg supports are easy to apply and the sling provides a good hip position to allow the user to sit relatively upright. Also well suited for amputees is the easy fit sling. In both sitting and lying positions, it is easy to apply.


  • Sling for a smooth transfer of patient
  • Supports the entire body.
  • Ideal for transfers, both lying and seated
  • Five styles and two fabrics available
Suitable for Amputee Transfers 

Another use for moving amputees is the flexible Easy Fit Sling. For greater flexibility, it is easy to use in both sitting and lying positions, allowing it to be used for virtually any type of transfer.

Suitability of the Easy-Fit Sling

The Easy-Fit Sling is ideal for those with the most demanding physical disabilities to support the entire body and head. The sling features different leg supports that can be adjusted quickly and the sling provides a good hip position so that the user can sit upright. it should be noted that care risk assessment before use with patients with severe disabilities is necessary.


Polyester Solid – A Smooth knitted polyester fabric of a solid consistency for multidisciplinary use.

Spacer Fabric – A Slightly elastic fabric that adapts to the users body shape.


Size Guide
Small 25-30 kg
Medium 40-90 kg
Large 80-130 kg
Extra Large 120-250 kg

Supplied by Invacare  –  Tiacare Aids For Living Life – Mobility Aids


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