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Invacare Birdie Evo Compact Hoist 150kg

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Invacare Birdie Evo Compact Hoist 150kg

The Invacare Birdie Evo Compact hoist 150kg offers a truly comfortable lift and transfer to or from bed, chair or even the floor. The hoist is designed to raise and rotate 360 degrees, allowing the user easier placement in to the bed or chair.

One of the Birdie hoist main features is the long, high boom. With a longer boom, more room is available to the user, significantly reducing the likelihood of injury, as well as making it easier to turn and position the sling. The curved design of the boom and spreader bar allows carer’s to maintain eye contact with users throughout a transfer.

The user-friendly hook on the spreader bar is designed to attach slings securely with one hand. Ergonomic push bar design allows for ease of handling and manoeuvring.

Battery status indicator delivers peace of mind regarding the remaining lifts that are available. Base castors are equipped with snap-lock brakes that prevent the lifter from moving while in use



Hook Design Ergonomic

  • Securely attach slings with ease, thanks to a new intuitive hook design
  • Special ergonomic shape to attach sling from above or from below
  • Flexible and outward pointing lip enables easy sling detachment

Ergonomic Push Bar

  • Ergonomic design of the push bar makes handling and manoeuvring easier
  • Increased depth of handles allows for comfortable arm extension during transportation
  • Designed with carers in mind



Birdie Evo Compact 
Base Length 1080mm
Base Width 520mm
Inside Width (Legs open) 815mm
 Lifting Range 530-1590mm
Product Weight 31kg
Safe Working load 150kg
Height of Legs 115mm
Ground Clearance 35mm
Height When Folded 455mm
Turning Diameter 1070mm
Working Ability 40 Cycles


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Birdie Evo Range


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