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Freeway S-160 Mobile Hoist

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£925.00 Exc. Vat - £1,110.00 inc. Vat

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Freeway S-160 Mobile Hoist

The Freeway S-160 Mobile Hoist is exclusively built and assembled in the United Kingdom to provide a high-quality solution for hoisting requirements. The lightweight design makes lifting and handling comfortable for the consumer and the carer. The 360 ° turning capability of the carry bar gives the carrier greater control during the lift and allows positioning without interventions from the mast or boom.

There are two variations of the Freeway S-Series Steel Mobile Hoists. The Freeway S-160 has a maximum user weight of 160kg. The Freeway S-180 has a maximum user weight of 180kg

  • Ergonomically designed handset to enhance ease of operation
  • Ergonomically profiled push handles allows for safe moving and positioning
  • Powered leg opening allows the hoist to be positioned correctly for a stable and safer lift without restricting access around chairs and beds
  • 100mm front castors and 100mm rear castors (locking) allow for maximum control and positioning on all floor surfaces
  • 360° turn capability of the carry bar provides the carer with greater control during the lift and aids positioning without interference with the mast or boom
  • Emergency stop and emergency lowering functions fitted as standard
  • Control box includes a counter which records the usage of the hoist
  • On board charging
  • S-160 maximum user weight 160kg
  • Coating of the hoist includes FREECOTE®, our unique antibacterial and antimicrobial coating.

Delivery Options 

Delivery Option 1.  Standard Kerbside Delivery

Standard kerbside delivery to your selected place of destination is included in the price.

Delivery Option 2. Delivery & Installation

Following your purchase of this service, a professional installation engineer will arrive at your chosen location and efficiently install your equipment, ensuring that all functionality and components are operational. The engineer also provides you with a demonstration and guidance on how to use your equipment properly, ensuring that you can provide the appropriate level of care effectively and safely. When we leave, we take any unnecessary packaging away with us.


For any general enquiries on this product, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service team on 01925  386385 who will be able to address any questions you have. For more information about Tiacare delivery please click here.


Kerbside Delivery, Installation Delivery



  • Handset designed to improve ease of operation
  • Profiled push handles allow safe movement and positioning
  • On board charging
  • Control box includes a counter which records the usage of the hoist
  • Emergency stop and emergency lowering functions fitted as standard
  • Front and rear castors on hoist

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