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Rollator & Walking Aids

Part of our Mobility Aids range, our Rollators & walking aids can help if you lead an active life but still need some extra support while walking.

Being unsteady on your feet can quickly take a toll on your confidence, not to mention stopping you from performing day to day tasks like shopping or seeing family which may affect your quality of life. Our tri-walkers, rollators and walking frames make for great everyday mobility aids, with stylish designs that aren’t boring or clinical.

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We have a large and varied range of walking aids, brilliant for helping you to walk and carry things when distance and balance are an issue.

Rollators offer the most stability of any of our walking aids. With four rolling wheels), they have more points of contact with the ground and can therefore support more weight as you walk.

All our rollators and walking aids are fitted with ergonomic handles designed to be kinder to arthritic hands and wrists, as well as secure cable brakes to bring you to a safe and gentle stop if necessary. 

How To Decide Which Walking Aids Is Best Suited To Me

Comfortable – Make sure the seat looks like it would suit your needs and is sized well for you and your body.

Storage –  If you’re going to be travelling with your rollator, make sure you pick one that can be easily folded up to be transported.

Strength – Ensure that the maximum user weight is enough to support you. 

Buying and using our walking aids will be a great way to add mobility and safety to your life. By taking these things into consideration before you purchase one, you ensure that you get the walking aid that best suits your needs and lifestyle.


Sometimes referred to as rolling walkers, they allow you to move forward without the need to lift them up.

The Rollator has four fully-rotating wheels, brakes and a seat. It is used for patients who need a walker only for balance but not for weight-bearing.

It may be time to consider a walking aid if: You have experienced falls while standing or walking or you have injuries or impairments that cause unbalanced gait.

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