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Marsden M-950 Portable Bed Weighing Pads

SKU MHS07 Category

Marsden M-950 Portable Bed Weighing Pads

SKU MHS07 Category


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Marsden M-950 Portable Bed Weighing Pads

The Marsden M-950 Portable Bed Weighing Pads is a portable weigh scale that is simple to use. It makes weighing bedridden patients simple and painless, with no discomfort for the patient. It consists of four pads that can be easily placed beneath the bed’s wheels, eliminating the need to move the bed to another room for weighing. A trolley is provided for transporting the pads between rooms and wards

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  • Weigh bed bound patients with ease
  • Stress-free pad bed weighing system
  • Straight forward and hassle free set up
  • Best-selling weighing device for hospitals and care homes

If a patient is bedbound, obtaining a weight reading can be difficult; however, in many cases an accurate weight reading is vital for administering the correct drug dosages or treatment. 

If you need to weigh a bedridden patient, the Marsden M-950 Portable Bed Weighing Pads can do so without causing any discomfort to the patient. Simply place the four weighing pads next to each wheel of the bed, turn on the scale, and roll the bed onto the pads. To get a truly accurate weight reading for the patient, use the Tare/Pre-set Tare functions to remove the weight of the bed from the reading. The trolley on the M-950 allows you to easily move the scale between rooms and wards, bringing the scale to the patient rather than the other way around. 

The pads are low profile, making this a bed weighing system suitable for almost any bed, and making it easy to push a bed onto the scale. The Marsden M-950 Portable Bed Weighing Pads features Tare (for removing the weight of the bed from the display), Hold (to stabilise the weight reading on the display if the patient is moving) and BMI calculation functions.

For any general enquiries on this product, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team on 01925 386385 who will be able to address any questions you have. For more information about Tiacare delivery please click here.




Capacity  600kg or 100kg
Graduations 50g (150kg) 100g 200g/500g
Dimensions 1000mm x 690mm x 990mm
Adaptor Specification 12V 1A 2.5mm tip +ve
Battery Life Up to 300 weigh ins ( 55 hours continuous use) from full charge
Weight Of Each Pad  5kg each pad

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