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Alerta Sensaflo Hybrid Mattress with Evacuation

SKU BEDDAMSF1-ALT-HYB2/05 (90cm) Category

Alerta Sensaflo Hybrid Mattress with Evacuation

SKU BEDDAMSF1-ALT-HYB2/05 (90cm) Category


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Alerta Sensaflo Hybrid Mattress with Evacuation

The Alerta Sensaflo Hybrid Mattress With Evacuation is the world’s first 4 in 1 hybrid mattress with foam-filled air cells, Sensa-Gel adaptive foot cells and an in-use height of 6″ for effective prevention and treatment of users up to very high risk of developing a pressure ulcer in hospital, nursing and care home environments.

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  • High/Very High Mattress
  • Mattress can fit on all our hospital beds
  • Removable heel cells
  • Profiling side sections
  • Self adjusting foam filled air cells
  • Ergonomically castellated pillow function for unique comfort
  • Adaptable heel zone with removable gel-foam pads
  • Built in Evacuation System with straps and handles
  • Independently removable cells
  • CPR release
  •  360 degree zipper
  • Multi-stretch PU cover – welded seams
  • Water resistant, vapour permeable cover
  • Antimicrobial, machine washable cover
  • White underside of cover
  • BS7177: Crib 5
  • Robust pump connection
  • Transport mode
  • Clinical pressure mapping evaluation
  • Mains cable management system

The Alerta Sensaflo Hybrid Mattress has a built-in fire evacuation system with straps and handles, allowing the mattress to be quickly moved with the user in position during emergency situations. There are four adaptable gel-foam heel zone cells that can be individually removed and repositioned to create zero pressure under the heel.

When used without a pump the Alerta Sensaflo Hybrid Mattress performs the same as a high specification foam mattress and when used with a pump it performs the same as an alternating air system. There is no requirement to remove the user from bed to change from a foam system to an alternating air system.

By inflating the mattress and sealing off with the transport cap you create a balanced-air self-adjusting semi-active mattress. The air cells are contained within a high density foam perimeter which creates a smooth transition from the side rail to the air cells.

Alerta Sensaflo Hybrid incorporates cutting-edge SensaCare Truflo Technology® – constant auto pressure sensing through an air sensor and microcomputer regulator to provide ultra-low interface pressure and promote an even ambience for natural sleep patterns and stable blood circulation with Ultra-SilentTM pump operation.

For any general enquiries on this product, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team on 01925  386385 who will be able to address any questions you have. For more information about Tiacare delivery please click here.




Specification Air Mattress
Air Mattress Dimensions L200 x W90 x D18 cm
Air Mattress Weight 10 kg
Cell Structure Bubble Cell on Cell foam
CPR Quick Release Toggle

Specification Pump
Operating System Sensacare Truflo Technology
Dimensions L29 x W12 x D10 cm
Weight 4 kg
Maximum Load 150 kg
Cycle Time 6, 9, 12,25 Minutes
Air Output 6 – 8 Litres/Minutes
Power Input AC220 – 240V,50Hz
Power Consumption 7W
Power Range 30 – 120 mmHg

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